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today is a good day… a bin full of pink and red and white means one thing… it’s time to decorate the house for Valentine’s Day! Advertisements

here’s mr j with his winning car and first place trophy from the pinewood derby this week he was quite proud of himself… and so were we 🙂

seems like I’m running out of ideas here but after a  long workout this morning, I reminded myself that I need to be drinking TONS more water. And less soda.

tonight was mr m’s birthday celebration happy birthday little man

Today is mr m’s birthday he’s six. and he’s my baby 😦 playing with lego keychains this morning

fun day here at the Owens household… This is just three of the nearly 6 bags that came out of my three kids rooms today. It was cleaning day. I had some not so happy kids earlier, but it’s amazing how much happier they (and their mom) are when the rooms are clean.  Aren’t you […]

working on the pinewood derby car… and happy birthday to the love of my life